Get Involved


We are honored to have volunteers working together with MCES staff and members, reaching our goals would be much harder or even impossible. Non-profits, such as MCES, rely on the selflessness of volunteers who give so generously of their time and resources. We welcome your assistance, strengths, and dedication for serving our communities.

To place your name on our volunteer list, send us an email ( with VOLUNTEER in the subject line. Include your name, contact information, and email address. We’ll let you know about opportunities that arise.



Making your views known on social issues related to MAK Community Enrichment Services or in the nation can have significant effects. It has never been easier to participate in our democratic form of government and let your legislators hear from you.


Making your views known to elected officials on social issues related to MAK Community Enrichment Services or the nation can have a significant impact. Whether it’s reducing barriers to access, or advocating for stronger federal nutrition programs, your voice is important. Save this contact information for your state legislators and federal officials so you’ll be ready to reach out on social issues.


Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities at MAK Community Enrichment Services. Currently, we do not have any open positions but if you are interested in possible future opportunities, please send your CV to