Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision:

MCES’s mission is to serve at-risk communities by providing quality programs that nurture the emotional, social, physical, and total well-being with a commitment to provide excellence in all our services.

MCES’s vision is to enrich the dignity and quality of life of at-risk children, youth, individuals, and families by eliminating barriers to opportunity to optimize health, well-being, and independence.

Our Core Beliefs and Values:

We believe in
  • Challenging and supporting youth through physical activity;
  • Fostering kindness through the enrichment programs MCES has to offer;
  • Sustaining a diverse organization and promoting integration in the community;
  • The power of supporting communities with nutritionally balanced meals.
We value
  • Accessibility, affordability, equality, and security;
  • Relationships built on honesty, trust, compassion, and esteem;
  • Respect for people, cultures, and communities;
  • Carrying out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.

How we achieve our goals:

Advocating on food policy issues that are contributing to and resulting in at-risk people suffering.

Encouraging schools to increase their meal participation by introducing programs offered though MCES that make meals a vocal part of the school day as it has been proven to have real benefits for students.

Securing food and funding to assist our communities in meeting the needs of people in their service areas through our sponsored programs.

Promoting nutrition education programs that empower low-income people with the skills they need to make healthy food choices, prepare nutritious meals, and get more from their food dollars.

By providing resources and making sure that those who qualify for food assistance programs are enrolled and receiving the benefits these programs provide.

Through sourcing nutritious food and building reliable, sustainable sources of nutritious food through established partners.

Encouraging schools and community organizations to develop educational enrichment aspects of their programs, improve their capacity to serve more children, and create sustainable programs that provide meals to children outside of school hours and throughout the summer months.

Raising awareness of the economic, academic, and social impact adversities have towards at-risk people on a daily.

Challenging and supporting youth through outdoor sports and experiential education.